Friday, May 23, 2008

Woot to the Second Amendment

Before I married my husband, I never really thought too much about the importance of the second amendment. As many know, my husband writes a blog called Call me Ahab. Ever since he started his blog, I have been inundated with the politics surrounding the second amendment. I must say, I can not argue with the logic. Without the second amendment, the other amendments are useless. It is pretty much that simple.

As a result of my new found appreciation of the second amendment, I have begun to enter into debates with some of my coworkers. One of my coworkers happened to overhear me discussing my upcoming plans to attend the NRA Annual Meetings in KY. She scooted around corner, looked at me with shock and amazement and said, "Tell me why you would ever need a semi-automatic weapon!" I said, "Why does it matter,
a bullet from a revolver is just as dangerous as a bullet from a semi-auto." She looked at me and said, "good point." Then, continued about her day. It was as if my single statement of logic actually had an effect.

It is this conversation that has promoted me to start this blog. Perhaps just a few words of logic really can make a difference. Don't worry I will not always talk about gun politics. I fully intend to talk about kitties and marriage too.