Thursday, June 5, 2008

Still Slave Owners

I wasn't aware that people still owned slaves in this country.....

"He and I saw the dreams of slaves come true as the sons of slaves and the slave owners clapped their hands in one progressive sweep."


Kevin Kunz said...

Let's see - The Slave owners took the production of their chattel as if it were a birthright Stole children from mothers and sold them to other farms

Sounds like typical progressive politicians these days. Try not paying your income tax, try living in pure barter society - Heck, try living in a religious community in Texas, and does anyone remember Elián González?

I know the Great Hope4Change is not talking about freeing me from my indentured servitude to the state!

Dedicated_Dad said...

Wow. Kevin beat me to it.

Slavery is rampant in this country, and it's primarily the alleged descendants of slaves living comfortably on the fruits of other people's labor.

Not to mention the other major form of slavery -- so called "child support." Roe v. Wade essentially declared that a man cannot force a woman to be a mother for 9 Mos. but a woman can force a man to be a slave for 6 years. 1/3 of my take home pay for 18 years is equal to ALL of it for 6 years.

If she, per Roe v. Wade, is entitled to ~3 months to absolve herself of the consequences of an ill-conceived sexual union, doesn't "equality" demand an equivalent option for men?

Where's my "choice"?

Don't give me the "her body..." crap -- men are forced to make the same income throughout. Take an easier/lower paying job and they WILL NOT lower CS. Earn more and they'll TAKE more, but they'll NEVER accept less.

In my own case, before I was awarded sole custody, I took a 2nd job so I could move out of my Mom's house. Right back to court to increase CS. I quit the second job -- no point in working 2 jobs to sleep on Mom's sofa -- and they said I'd "proven I had the ability" and thus was forced to pay the increased CS even though I no longer had the second job.

This is the worst form of slavery IMHO.

Please support equality -- and CHOICE -- for men!


PS: My name should show I made my choice to be the best Dad I could be. I want my Son to have a choice!!

B Smith said...

Well, I can see what he MEANT to say, but it was a poorly constructed sentence.
What bothers me more is the branding: If you choose not to vote for BHO, you're a racist (much like you're a sexist if you didn't want Hillary) and you're a "fear-monger" who simply and callously uses fear to maintain the status quo.
But doesn't anyone wonder if maybe it's RIGHT to fear certain things? Yes, I'll say it---I'm AFRAID of what a socialist agenda will do to this country, and I'm not above trying to spread that fear as far as I can.