Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yellow Means Stop?

Indiana has been experiencing a considerable amount of nasty weather as of late. As a result many of the traffic lights are not functioning properly. Instead of a very clear and thoughtless state of green, yellow or red they are instead flashing yellow or red. Apparently this sudden change in driving conditions is just too much for people to comprehend. Now, I very distinctly remember a day in drivers ed where we covered what a flashing yellow light means, what a flashing red light means, and what you are supposed to do in the event that you approach one. This day of drivers ed seems to have been lost on the majority of Hoosiers. It appears as though flashing yellow now means stop, not approach with caution, not maybe slow down a little, no, stop. In the event of the flashing yellow you now stop, hold up traffic, confuse the people going in the other direction and generally just act like a complete moron. I suppose there is the possibility that these people are just being nice and letting the other people go. Unfortunately being nice will usually just piss everyone else off and lead to an accident, because no one expects you to be nice. We expect you to follow the rules of the road!


Jessica C said...

Amen, sister! :)

B Smith said...

Rules? There are rules?