Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Children are Like Gang Tattoos

Ahab and I were talking a nice quiet walk around our subdivision last night when we came across a family with several children in tow. As they approached us, we looked at each with the look of, we need to get to the side, or they will run us over. This got me thinking. Why do I have to move off the sidewalk just because you have children. They are the ones with the group too big for the sidewalk, not us! This led me to the conclusion that children are like gang tattoos for yuppies. The more you have, the more important you are. People without children must yield and give respect to the people with children. People with the children always give these looks to people without like, oh poor you maybe someday you'll be bless with a child like we were and accepted into the "gang". This analogy also works in that the higher the child on your body, the more important you are. So if you are carrying a child, you are much more important, than if your child is on on the ground. For example, people will almost always open doors for people that are carrying a child. I find it amusing that the result of an act that can be committed easily by two teenagers in the back of 1990 Grand AM is so highly revered in our society.

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