Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Herd Hummingbirds

Yes that is correct, herding hummingbirds.

Step 1: Realize hummingbirds have very small brains and will not get out of the garage on their own.

Step 2: Swat at the hummingbirds with a broom once again overestimating their intelligence thinking they will be smart enough to figure out they can't fly through the ceiling.

Step 3: Acquire a basket.

Step 4: Pry the hummingbird off of the door with basket.

Step 5: Freak out when the hummingbird starts flying in the basket and hits your hand.

Step 6: Walk basket out of garage.

Step 7: Go back for the second hummingbird because apparently one dumb animal attracts another.

Step 8: Almost kill hummingbird while trying to capture it in basket.

Step 9: Freak out again because they sound like really big bugs!

Step 10: Walk second dumb animal out of the garage.

Seriously, dumbest bird ever.

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